Opera della Luna
02/09/2020 - 05/09/2020

Opera della Luna presents The Burglar’s Opera at Wilton’s Music Hall, London 2-5 Sep 7.30, 5 Sep 2.30. The Burglar’s Opera is a hysterically funny ‘new’ comic opera by Jeff Clarke and Stephen Wyatt based on a short story by W.S. Gilbert and set to a sparkling score of music ‘stolen’ largely from Sullivan’s orchestral works. Originally premièred in 2008, this new staging is revised specially for Wilton’s and will include the accompaniment of Opera della Luna’s twelve-strong instrumental ensemble.

The story charts the rise and fall of Septimus Belvawney, from his education at Eton (thanks to the financial support of his industrious parents who have made a very successful career writing begging letter to charitable foundations), via his glittering social success as patron of the Society for Providing More Bishops, to his final demeaning downfall, when caught red-handed whilst burgling the home of a celebrated designer of dadoes, clad in only a skimpy antimacassar. wiltons.org.uk