The Untold Story of Herbert Sullivan, by Elaine Richardson

Elaine  Richardson’s new book The Untold Story of Herbert Sullivan, chronicling the life of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s nephew and heir, is now available to purchase directly from the author at price £40 + £8 UK first class postage.

Little has been written about Herbert over the years but due to Elaine’s detective work and research she is able to bring his story to us. The book covers Herbert’s life from 1868 until his death in 1928, as well as a lot more about the people who were important to him. These include his uncle, Sir Arthur Sullivan, his father Fred, his grandparents Thomas and Mary Clementina Sullivan, and his siblings, Amy, Florence, Maud, Frederic Richard, George, and William), who moved to America in 1883 with their mother, leaving Herbert behind in England.

The story is told, where possible, through original documents, such as letters, diaries, newspaper articles, informal information and personal ephemera, and charts Herbert’s life and background as completely as possible.