H.M.S. Pinafore


1907 Odeon Recording



Sir Arthur Sullivan: HMS Pinafore The Savoy Opera  with Walter Hyde and Harry Dearth – 1907 Odeon recording

Mr Willie Rouse, (Baritone), The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter (First Lord of the Admiralty); Mr. Harry Dearth, (bass), Capt. Corcoran; Mr. Walter Hyde, (tenor), Ralph Rackstraw); Mr. Harry Thornton, (baritone), Dick Deadeye; Mr. Alfred Cunningham, (baritone), Boatswain; Mr. W. Anderson, (bass), Bill Bobstay; Miss Elsa Sinclair, (soprano), Josephine; Miss Burnett, (soprano), Hebe; Miss Ada Florence, (contralto), Little Buttercup. Savoy Opera Chorus, Savoy Opera Orchestra.

1 CD
Duration: 61 minutes
Price: £10.00
Label: Symposium
Number: SYMPCD1293
Released: 2001

Track listing:

1. Opening Chorus Full Chorus and Orchestra
2. “Little Buttercup” Song Miss Ada Florence with Chorus
3. “The Nightingale” ….. “A Maiden Fair to See” Mr. Walter Hyde with Chorus
4. The Captain’s Song Mr. Harry Dearth with Chorus
5. Josephine’s Song “Sorry Her Lot” Miss Elsa Sinclair
6. “Over the Bright Blue Sea” ….. “We Sail the Ocean Blue” Full Chorus
7. “Monarch of the Sea” …..”Ruler of the Queen’s Navee” Mr. Willie Rouse, Miss Sinclair, with Chorus
8. Duet: “Refrain, Audacious Tar” Miss Elsa Sinclair and Mr. Hyde, with Chorus
9. Finale Act 1 – Part 1 Miss Sinclair, Messrs. Hyde and Thornton, with Chorus
10 Finale Act 1 – Part II Misses Sinclair and Burnett, Messrs. Hyde and Thornton
11. “Fair Moon to Thee I Sing” Mr. Harry Dearth
12. Duet: “Things are seldom what they seem” Miss Florence and Mr. Dearth
13. “The Hours Creep on Apace” Miss Elsa Sinclair
14. “Never Mind the Why and Wherefore” Miss Elsa Sinclair, Messrs. Dearth and Rous
15. “Kind Captain, I’ve Important Information” Messrs. Dearth and Cunningham
16. “Carefully on Tip-toe” Miss Sinclair, Messrs Hyde and Dearth, with Chorus
17. “In uttering a Reprobation” Miss Sinclair, Messrs. Dearth and Rouse
18. “Farewell, my Own” Misses Sinclair and Florence, Messrs. Hyde, Rouse, Thornton and Anderson, with Chorus
19. “A May Years Ago” Miss Florence, with Chorus
20. Finale Act II Misses Sinclair and Florence, Messrs. Hyde and Dearth, with Chorus


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