H.M.S. Pinafore/Yeomen of the Guard


1907 Recordings



Rare Early Recordings of Gilbert and Sullivan 1907: Excerpts from H.M.S. Pinafore and The Yeomen of the Guard (without spoken dialogue)

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Duration: 77:00

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Label: Symposium

Number: SYMPCD1267

Released: 2000

Track listing:

H.M.S. Pinafore: Ada Florence (contralto); M Anderson (bass); Harry Dearth (bass-baritone); Walter Hyde (Tenor); Ernest Pike (tenor); Bernard Turner (baritone). Orchestral accompaniment described variously as Imperial Infantry Band and London Orchestral Band.
1. Overture Orchestra
2. Opening Chorus Male Chorus
3. I’m called Little Buttercup Ada Florence
4. A maiden fair to see Walter Hyde
5. I am the Captain of the Pinafore Harry Dearth with Chorus
6. When I was a lad M. Anderson with Chorus
7. Selection from Pinafore Orchestra
8. Never mind the why and wherefore Ada Florence, Walter Hyde and Bernard Turner
9. For he himself has said it Harry Dearth, Walter Hyde and Bernard Turner
10. Farewell my won Principals and Full Chorus


The Yeomen of the Guard Amy Evans (soprano); Emily Foxcroft (mezzo-soprano) Ben Ivor (tenor); Francis Ludlow (baritone); Bantock Pierpoint (baritone). Orchestral accompaniment by the Band of H.M. Scots Guards.
Act 1
11. When Maiden loves she sits and sighs Emily Foxcroft
12. When our gallant Norman foes Emily Foxcroft
13. Is life a boon? Ben Ivor
14. I have a song to sing, O Amy Evans and Francis Ludlow
15. How say you, maiden, will you wed Bantock Pierpoint and Francis Ludlow
16. I’ve jibe and joke and quip and crank Francis Ludlow
17. Were I thy bride Emily Foxcroft
18. Oh, Sergeant Meryll is it true Bantock Pierpoint and Ben Ivor
Dids’t hou not, Oh Leonard Meryll Francis Ludlow and Ben Ivor
To thy fraternal care Emily Foxcroft, Bantock Pierpoint and Ben Ivor
The prisoner comes to meet his doom
Act II
19. Night has spread her pall once more Chorus
20. Oh! A private buffoon is a light-hearted loon Francis Ludlow
21 Hereupon we’re both agreed Francis Ludlow and Bantock Pierpoint
22. Free from his fetters grim Ben Ivor
23 Strange adventure! Amy Evans, Emily Foxcroft, Ben Ivor and Bantock Pierpoint
24. A man who would woo a fair maid Ben Ivor, Amy Evans and Emily Foxcroft
25. When a wooer goes a-wooing Amy Evans, Emily Foxcroft, Ben Ivor and Francis Ludlow


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