The Rose of Persia

A comic opera in two acts to a libretto by Basil Hood. First performed at the Savoy Theatre, 29 November 1899.

Items held in the Society’s Library include: three copies of the original libretto signed by G. A. Seton, one marked ‘Prompt’, the second marked ‘Yussuf’ and incorporating many stage action direction, and the third marked ‘Honey-of’Life’; another copy of the original libretto signed E. Munro; original vocal score signed by G. A. Seton marked ‘Prompt’

Full score and complete orchestral parts

Full score and complete typeset orchestral material prepared by Charlie Wakeley.

Parts: Fl1/2; Ob; Cl1/2; Bsn1/2; Hn1/2; Cnt1/2; Tbn1/2; Tbn3; Perc; Strings 2/2/2/2/2


Orchestral selection; arr. Charles Godfrey Jnr

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Joy and sorrow (madrigal)

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Arrangements for piano solo

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