The Light of the World

First performed at the Birmingham Festival 27 August 1873 and published by Cramer in the same year. Words selected from the Bible by the composer and Sir George Grove.

The Society no longer loans out its sets of vocal and orchestral material. Modern, authoritative vocal- and full-scores and orchestral parts have been published by The Amber Ring and are available to purchase and hire by contacting them at

Items held in the Society's Library include: copies of an early edition of the vocal score; original printed string parts; manuscript parts for woodwind, brass, percussion, organ and harp.

Blessed be the Kingdom

Choral parts.

God shall wipe away all tears - set as an anthem for TTBB

See Anthems and Services.

He Made His Grave

Choral parts.

Him that God Exalted

Choral parts.

Hosanna to the Son

Choral parts.

Hosanna! - chorus of children

Choral parts.

Men and Brethren

Choral parts.

Overture 'Jerusalem'

Arranged for organ solo by R. Walker Robson see 'Instrumental and Chamber'.