Incidental music to the play by William Shakespeare. First performed at Lyceum Theatre,  29 December 1888.

Complete incidental music

Modern, authoritative vocal- and full-scores and orchestral parts have been published by The Amber Ring and are available to purchase and hire by contacting them at

Short suite

Full score (hand-written)

Parts: Fl1/2; Ob1/2; Cl1/2; Bsn1/2; Hn1/2; Harp; Strings 8/8/4/3/3. N.B. all photocopies of printed set.

Overture (concert version)

Original printed parts but no full score.

Parts: Fl1/2; Ob1/2; Cl1/2; Bsn1/2; Hn1/2; Hn3/4; Tpt1/2; Tbn1/2; Tbn3; Tba; Timp; B.D./Cym; Harp; Strings 4/2/3/3 [Vc/Cb combined].