Twenty-seventh International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival
01/08/2020 - 23/08/2020

Twenty-seventh international Gilbert and Sullivan Festival 
Buxton Opera House, 1-8 August 2020
Harrogate Royal Hall, 9-23 August 2020

The National Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company presents:

The Sorcerer: 5 Aug (m); 16 Aug (e); 19 Aug (e); 23 Aug (m).
H.M.S. Pinafore: 1 Aug (m + e); 6 Aug (e); 9 Aug (e); 16 Aug (m); 22 Aug (m).
The Pirates of Penzance: 2 Aug (m + e); 5 Aug (e); 9 Aug (e); 15 Aug (m); 23 Aug (e).
Patience: 3 Aug (e); 15 Aug (e); 19 Aug (m); 22 Aug (e).
The Emerald Isle: 7 Aug (e); 14 Aug (e).

Forbear! Theatre presents The Yeomen of the Guard: 11 Aug (e).

Charles Court Opera presents Iolanthe: 8 Aug (m); 12 Aug (m) and The Mikado 8 Aug (e); 12 Aug (e).

In addition there will be six amateur productions in the Royal Hall, and nine matinée productions in the University Festival competition, plus a full range of daytime talks and events in both Buxton and Harrogate.

On 7 and 14 August Stephen Turnbull will present the background to The Emerald Isle and Martin Yates will explore the opera’s music.
The annual memorabilia fair will take place on  15 August.

More details from; 01422-323252.