Twenty-ninth International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival 2023
29/07/2023 - 09/09/2023

The 29th international Gilbert and Sullivan Festival will take place in Buxton, Derbyshire from 29 July – 12 August 2023. The National Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company presents new productions of The Pirates of Penzance (2 Aug m & e, 11 Aug m, 12 Aug e); The Mikado (29 Jul e, 30 Jul m, 6 Aug m & e, 9 Aug m, 11 Aug e);  and The Yeomen of the Guard (30 Jul e, 5 Aug m & e, 9 Aug e, 12 Aug m). There will be a Best of G&S concert on 4 Aug e. There will be six amateur productions in Buxton Opera House and five university productions in the Pavilion Arts Centre, as well as the usual Festival Youth Production (ages 9-18).  A series of daytime talks will include Stephen Turnbull and Martin Yates on Haddon Hall, plus David Wilmore, Ian Bradley, Roberta Morrell and more from Stephen. The traditional memorabilia fair will take place on 5 August and the Society will be represented as usual.  Most of the Committee will be in attendance at various times of the day (some of us are in Buxton in multiple capacities), so do please pop by and say hello.

The NGSOC will present all three productions at the Malvern Theatre on 7, 8 and 9 September.

More information, full programme and bookings:; 01422-323252.