Twenty-eighth International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival 2022
30/07/2022 - 21/08/2022

The programme of the 28th G&S Festival has been announced. It will take place in Buxton, based in the Buxton Opera House, from 30 July – 6 August; then in Harrogate, based in the Royal Hall, from 10 – 21 August. The National Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company present The Pirates of PenzanceIolanthe and Utopia LimitedOpera della Luna present H.M.S. PinaforeCharles Court Opera present Patience and Express G&SForbear! present The Gondoliers. The NGSOC will be conducted by our own John Andrews.

In addition there will be four amateur shows in the main house at Harrogate and a fifth in Buxton. The UniFest returns with productions from five university G&S societies, as well as two performances of a Festival youth (ages 8-19) production of Iolanthe. There are many daytime events, including talks by Martin Yates, Ian Bradley and Stephen Turnbull, and the all-day Memorabilia Fair, at which the Society will have its usual presence, is on 13 August.

Further information: 01422-323252;