Muuppera, Finland
07/11/2020 - 15/11/2020

The Finnish première of Sullivan’s The Zoo will take place in Muurame, about 160 miles north of Helsinki, on 7 November at 7pm. Further performances: 8 Nov 5pm, 10 & 13 Nov 7pm, 14 Nov 2pm, 15 Nov 5pm.

The company performing the opera is Muuppera, which looks to provide opportunities for recently graduated singers to show off their talents. There will be a small chorus, and the performances will be accompanied from the piano by Eliisa Suni, the original plan for orchestral accompaniment having been scuppered by Covid.

More information (in Finnish) at, but it is hoped to be able to include some more details in English in the next Sullivan Society Magazine, due in October.